Font Technic for Langnese-Happiness

Langnese, Wall’s, Algida, Eskimo, Frigo, GB Glace, Frisko, Miko, Ola …
Since 2009 I support the graphic designer ➙ Benjamin Stewner with the font technic for Langnese’s hand drawn type.

In the beginning Benjamin drew each letter per hand. When the project grew and more people became involved he wanted to make a font out of it. But in the same time it should still look really hand drawn.
We decided to make three complete character sets which will get stirred by opentype features. Benjamin painted three versions of each upper case and lower case character. That causes over 800 characters in the first latin script version.

I wrote an OpenType feature that rotates the three sets. The first letter of a line come from the sets 1, 2, 3, the fourth from set 1 again, and so on …
With that trick we can make you believe that the type is still hand drawn. Because it will nearly never happen again that a strange looking character will come up twice.

But sometimes the three-set-rotation causes equal characters in an 1-2-3-interval. For example in words like “Holanda”, “Viennetta” or “center”. Therefor in a second step the OT feature substitutes these exceptions.

Until now we added the hebrew and greek script, language support for all latin script east, north and south european countries and several langnese dingbats.

To see the typeface in action visit ➙