Vollkorn 2.1

Note: There is an update available on vollkorn-typeface.com!

A feast for the eyes

Vollkorn came into being as my first type designing attempt. I published the Regular on my site → grafikfritze.de in 2005 under a Creative-Commons-License. Until the counter finally collapsed two years later it had been downloaded thousands of times and used for web and print matters. It intends to be a quiet, modest and well working text face for bread and butter use. Unlike its examples in the book faces from the renaissance until today, it has dark and meaty serifs and a bouncing and healthy look. It might be used as body type as well as for headlines or titles. »Vollkorn« (pronounced »Follkorn«) is German for »wholemeal« which refers to the old term »Brotschrift«. It stood for the small fonts for every day use in hand setting times.

The font family

For now Vollkorn supports English, German, Spanish, French, Scandinavian, Italian and more languages. It comes in two weights Normal and Bold (in fact, it’s a bit bolder!), each in Antiqua and Italic.

Free under the Open Font License

The OFL allows, free of charge, the licensed fonts to be used, studied, modified and redistributed freely as long as they are not sold by themselves. The fonts, including any derivative works, can be bundled, embedded, redistributed and/or sold with any software provided that any reserved names are not used by derivative works. The fonts and derivatives, however, cannot be released under any other type of license. The requirement for fonts to remain under this license does not apply to any document created using the fonts or their derivatives. Notice also the → OFL FAQ!

If you like it please donate

 The license for a comparable typeface would cost you $50 — €100. If you feel the wish to express gratitude please use the Paypal system via this button.
— Thank You!

Vollkorn for Web

You can use Vollkorn in the Web through Google’s Font API. Simply copy the code from the Google Font Directory into your webpage and have Vollkorn on your and your visitors’ screens.

Download Vollkorn here and now

Note: There is an update available on vollkorn-typeface.com!

Downloaded 32088 times since May 2010

For now you can download the TrueType-Versions of Vollkorn Regular, Bold, Italic and Bold-Italic. Please have a look at the license included. A PostScript-OpenType-Version and small caps are planned.

Note: There is an update available on vollkorn-typeface.com!

I am indebted to → Yanone, who hinted and mastered the TrueType-Versions for improvement on screen.

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